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Isla Dorada - Episode 1: The Sands of Ephranis - Island escape game
The island escape game Isla Dorada offers adventure, exploration, finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. In the role of Jessica Pandora, you'll have to find your way back by cleverly escaping from Isla Dorada. To do this, you will explore the island, episode after episode, constantly discovering new cultures. In this island escape game you will search for and find many items necessary for your progress meet the island’s inhabitants and solve many puzzles blocking your path. Download island escape game totally for free right now!

Download : Isla Dorada

Catatan :
Saat kalian mendownload akan diarahkan ke halaman dan cukup ditunggu (5s) hingga muncul tulisan SKIP AD / LEWATI di pojok kanan atas...  

Untuk pemberitahuan update artikel terbaru :)

komentar gaya modern UI Windows 8

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