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Pernahkah kalian berkeinginan untuk membuat screensaver sendiri?
Pasti sangat membosankan ketika muncul screensaver hanya screensaver default yang umumnya bergambar bubble...

Dengan bantuan screensaver factory ini kita bisa membuat screensaver sesuka kita...
Bahkan setelah saya coba ternya bisa juka membuat screensaver dari video yang tentunya bisa kalian terapkan sebagai screensaver...

Sebagai percobaan saya membuat video clip musik dari band favorit saya kemudian membuatnya jadi screensaver... keren kan?


- Create screensavers from pictures, video and flash files
- Create screensavers for sale or marketing
- Add background music and create background music playlists
- Select from over 100 smooth image transition effects
- Built-in compression ensures smallest possible file size
- Incredible quality, compatibility and performance on all PCs

Screensaver Content Options
- Supports all popular image file formats - JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and more
- Supports transparent and animated GIF images and transparent PNG images
- Supports SWF Flash animation
- Supports all popular video formats - AVI, MPEG and WMV
- Add text label to each image
- Customize each screensaver item
- Choose image, video and flash display order from sequential, random and mixed
- Add dynamic content from RSS feeds
- Add clock or calendar to your screensaver

Graphics and Transition Effects
- Resize images and videos to fit the screen
- Smooth, high quality image resizing
- Over 100 customizable image transition effects
- Exclusive constant movement effects - slide, rotate and zoom
- Cool photo frame effect
- Create interesting graphic effects with image masks
- Cool background options

Audio Features
- Add background music from MP3, WAV, WMA and MID sound files
- Create background music playlists with shuffle and mute options
- Add short sound clips to every image

Shareware Authoring and Selling Features
- Create feature or time limited screensaver trial versions
- Create single or separate registration keys for your customers
- Add nag-banner or nag-screen to facilitate the sale of your screensaver

Marketing and Promotion Features
- Open Web address when screensaver exits
- Open Web address when F1 key is pressed
- Display image banner popup when screensaver exits
- Display banner in the screensaver settings window
- Add your logo to all screensaver images

Installation and Output Options
- Instantly preview your screensaver in full-screen mode
- Automatically install the screensaver on your computer
- Create standalone, self-installing screensaver packages for easy distribution
- Create screensaver CDs
- Create standalone SCR files
- Digital signature support
- Silent-install support for your screensaver packages

Other Features
- Specify the preview image for Windows Display Properties
- Customize screensaver icon
- Customizable screensaver settings and about windows
- Select screensaver exit conditions (e.g. on mouse move, on key press)
- Create multi-language screensavers
- Create screensavers with auto updates
- Build screensavers automatically from the command line
- Much more...

Kita juga bisa menambahkan berbagai foto kemudian suara atau lagu kedalam screensaver...
yang tentunya membuat PC kita semakin beda dari yang lain..
Test : Support Windows 8

* Wait 5 s for ADF.LY and then SKIP AD

Semoga Bermanfaat !!!

Untuk pemberitahuan update artikel terbaru :)

komentar gaya modern UI Windows 8

+ Gurauan + 2 Gurauan
December 7, 2012 at 7:56 PM

owh gtu cranya.,
benar2 menarik.,
izin praktek gan.,

December 7, 2012 at 11:21 PM

Sangat menyenangkan tentunya sob...
Makasii yaa kunjungannya... :)

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